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Facial Exercises for Marionette Lines

10 Exercises for Marionette Lines

Facial aerobic exercises can be used as a form of treatment for marionette lines to lessen if not cease the appearance of laughter lines. These easy to follow exercises should be performed once a day each for one minute.

9 Facial Exercises

1. Use your forefingers and place them under your eye sockets on the bone. Make firm and small inward circles.

2. Using your forefingers, place them at the fissure of your cheeks. This is found under the cheek bone, vertically lined with your pupils and horizontal to your nose flairs. Massage this spot until minor tingling is felt in your face.

3. Rest your forefingers over the laugh wrinkles, above the top halfway point to the nostrils. Make small outward circles.

4. Sit in your chair and tilt your head backward over the back of the seat. Looking up at the ceiling, make movements with your mouth as if you were chewing. Repeat for 20 minutes or more for better results.

5. Sitting in the chair with your head tilt up, purse your lips as if you were going to kiss someone than release. Repeat this exercises 10 times. Tilt your head forward into a normal sitting posture and repeat in repetitions of 5 at least once a day.

6. As you sit in your chair, tilt your head back and up as before. This time stick out your tongue and try to touch your chin with it. Hold your tongue outstretched for 10 seconds and return to normal sitting position. Repeat 5 times a day.

7. With head tilt back and lips purses, extend your lower lip as far as you can toward your upper lip. Hold for 10 seconds before returning to normal and repeating. Perform 5 times per day.

8. Placing finger below your jawline, tile your head back and curl the bottom lip over the top lip. Turn the head and tighten cheek muscles. Squeeze the eyes shut while gently sliding fingertips over the jawline. Repeat 5 times for each side.

9. Make tight knots on the corners of your mouth and follow along with both hands. Pull your arms out into a half circle, counting to 40.

Additional Ways to Prevent Marionette Lines

A listing of 3 additional ways to combat marionette lines.

1. Conceal with Make-up.
This will help to soften the look of existing lines and plump the skin.

2. Use collagen rich products.
The use of collagen helps to hydrate and improve the elasticity of your skin. This can also help prevent the sagging and production of marionette lines.

3. Use anti-aging skin care devices.
Use a skin care device that is targeted towards skin aging, skin sagging, and marionette lines.

Solutions to Face Aging

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