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Epiploic Appendagitis Diet Explained

Epiploic appendagitis is the inflammation or swelling of the so-called epiploic appendices. They are considered as the pouches formed in the abdominal lining to people with arthritis, pain, stress, chron’s disease, high blood pressure and anxiety.

Patients who have the condition of epiploic appendagitis are recommended to take epiploic appendagitis diet. As part of the diet, there is a need to stop consuming alcohol. An Italian sausage must not be a part of the diet. Due to the reason that the condition mainly involves the appendices, processed foods are not recommended. They are not good in the appendices as they tend to swell them more. They further create serious problems in the affected parts.

Bowel disorders are often experienced that there is a need to drink lots of water. The water is needed to help the patient recover from the operation. Apart from it, it helps to continuously push the digested foods. Fiber-enriched foods must also be consumed such as wheat, grains and cereals. Processed foods must not be a part of the diet because they do not help the patient recover from the epiploic appendagitis.

Fruit juices must be offered to the patients. A diet enriched with fruits is also necessary. It must be a part of the meals in a day. The diet must also include grains, fruits, vegetables and seedy nuts. Full milk is also required to be given to the patient. Truly, the emphasis is on green vegetables and fruits.

Vegetable juices are greatly combined with cucumbers and beets. They are valuable in the treatment of epiploic appendagitis. A tea must be consumed on a daily basis, especially the fenugreek seeds. They are proven helpful for the treatment of the condition. It prevents the appendices from swelling.

Lukewarm water must also be offered to the patient. It must be added with a tablespoon of squeezed lime and honey. As mentioned, milk and fruits must be included. However, the patient must take them along with nuts.

Steamed vegetables can be prepared every lunch. They are great as they are recommended by most dieticians and doctors. They must be combined with whole wheat, buttermilk and tortilla. They can be ingested smoothly that result to easy bowel movement.

In the afternoon, a sugarcane juice or vegetable juice can be prepared that is proven beneficial for the patient. For dinner time, there is a need to prepare a bowl of vegetable salad. This is a lot better as it constitutes the nutrients needed for fast recovery. Cottage cheese and sprouted seeds are perfect foods to include in the diet. They are also an aid for a faster and easier bowel movement.

During bed time, there is a need to drink a glass of apple juice or milk. The foods that must be avoided include spices, condiments, white sugar, fried foods, white flour and meat. Other products such as refined cereals, canned foods and coffee must be avoided!

So far, you know the foods that are included as part of epiploic appendagitis diet!

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