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3 Isometric Exercises for Seniors

Isometric Exercises for Seniors

Isometric exercises are focused on tensing the muscles without movement. These form of exercises are not focused on increasing motion or flexiblity but rather increasing muscle size and strength. The following exercises are geared towards preventing muscle loss with aging and promoting a modest increase in strength.

List of Isometric Exercises

Palm Versus Palm
Place you left palm on top of the right palm and attempt to bring the palm up to your chin while resisting with the other palm.

Shoulder and Chest Muscles
Arms extended in front of you, palm facing, push palm to palm. Flex your muscles vigourously but do not hold your breath or overdo it.

Knee and Hip
Strengthen the knee by sitting on the floor or on a table with the leg stretched in front of you. Squeeze your thigh muscle to full straighten the leg while flexing your ankle and lifting you toes up. Hold the contraction for 5 seconds and rest for three. Repeat up to 50 times.

This approach can be used for any muscle in your body.

Safety Tips for Seniors

The following safety tips should be adhered to by all seniors when undergoing any exercise regime.

1. Be sure to warm up 10 minutes in advance and cool down for 10 minutes after the exercise is performed.
2. If pain in the joints are felt, stop the exercise immediately. Soreness in the muscle groups can be expected.
3. Maintain good posture during any exercise.
4. Do not hold your breath while exercising. Be sure to breathe during exertion of the exercise.
5. Do not grip any weights tightly.
6. Movements hould be performed in a slow, moderate, and deliberate manner.

Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training for the elderly can assist wtih treating skeletal conditions and joint issues such as with the following conditions.

- Osteoporosis
- Arthritis
- Balance
- Pulmonary Disease
- Obesity
- Diabetes
- Back Problems

Senior Exercise Statistics

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