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3 Exercises for Cankles

Exercises for Cankles

Cankles is a word used to describe a women who has a merged calf with her food, allowing no definition of ankles to be displayed. There are three different types and reasonings behind a women suffering from cankles as outlined below.

3 Reasons for Cankles

1. Genetic Predisposition
Many women are genetically predisposed to having cankles. It is also caused by obesity or the structural absensce of a well defined calf muscle.

2. Fluid Retention
Fluid buildup can also create cankles as a result of heavy sodium intake. This can be reduced by drinking 1 liter of water per day. Another option is to use natural diuretics to flush your body of its excess water.

3. Pregnancy
Pregnancy is also known to cause your ankles to swell due to poor circulation. Minimize this circumstance by avoiding high sodium and processed foods. Be sure to massage and elevate feet to increase circulation and fluid retention.

Cankle Exercises

The following list is of cankle exercises you can perform to target the increasing muscle and definition in your ankle area.

Standing Calf Raises
No equipment is required to perform this exericse. Standing 12 inches from the wall with your feet hip level apart, face forward. Place the palms on the wall, level with the chest. Life the heel off the floor and extend your knees. Holding the position, slowly lower the heel back down.

Jump Squats
A variation of the traditional squat exercise, begin by standing with your feet shoulder apart, arms at the sides. Squat down as normal, but jump with as much energy as your can reaching towards the ceiling upward. Return back to squat position when landing.

Additional Exercises
Exercises that target any form of cardiovascular exercises can also help to reduce overall fat.

-Jump rope

Decreasing Water Retention

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